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What does an insurance adjuster do?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | Car Accidents |

After you get into a car accident, one of the first people you are likely to talk to is a representative of an insurance company. If these representatives are not adjusters, there is a good chance that they are working closely with such. 

Just what is this ubiquitous insurance professional’s role? What influence do adjusters have over your case? 

What does an insurance adjuster do?

These professionals have a variety of responsibilities regarding your claim, and the exact job description would depend on the insurance company. As explained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the general duties of an insurance adjuster include: 

  • Inspection 
  • Investigation and research 
  • Assisting insurance defense teams 

Why do adjusters matter?

When it comes to the insurance company’s understanding of your claim, the adjuster is the central figure. The job involves more than gathering all of the information relevant to your case. Adjusters must also organize and present it in a way that makes sense within the company’s internal procedures. 

What other insurance professionals are there?

Insurance companies are typically massive bureaucracies, and, as a result, there are many roles that appear relatively similar. Other professionals include investigators, who look into possible fraud, examiners, who look at the claim itself, and appraisers, who establish values for unique pieces of property. All of these roles either complement or overlap with the role of your adjuster. 

Part of communicating effectively with insurance company representatives is often understanding the duties and level of authority each position has. Not everybody has the power to make big decisions — and you do not always get access to the decision-makers from the beginning of your claim.