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A minor car accident still needs medical treatment

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2020 | Personal Injury |

You have been in a collision with another motor vehicle. At first, it seems relatively minor. There does not seem to be much damage to your vehicle, and you do not seem to have any pain or other symptoms.

The temptation in this scenario may be to simply count your blessings and go on about your business without seeing a doctor. However, taking some time to have a medical evaluation now could save you significant difficulty later on. Here are some reasons to see a doctor even after a relatively minor accident.

1. Possible brain injury

Because of the risk of brain injury, it becomes even more important to receive medical treatment after an accident in which you hit your head. Traumatic brain injuries range in severity. A concussion is a relatively mild TBI, but if you believe you may have one, you should have an evaluation because failure to diagnose and treat a concussion can lead to serious problems.

2. Delayed symptoms and hidden injuries

There are many other types of injuries, ranging in severity, that you may have sustained in your accident. However, you may not experience symptoms for several hours thereafter, perhaps even a day or two. This can happen for one of two reasons.

First, it may be that the pain is there but you do not feel it because of the adrenaline flooding your system. The body produces the adrenaline rush in response to the danger it perceives during the accident to give you the energy to deal with it. However, this can mask symptoms of injury until the adrenaline wears off.

Another reason why you may not experience symptoms right away after the accident is that they take a while to develop. Internal bleeding, for example, may not be obvious until the blood has time to collect in a body cavity and the total volume decreases.

3. Complete medical record

Perhaps you are fortunate not to have sustained a serious injury in your car accident. However, even a mild injury needs proper treatment in order to heal properly. An injury that does not receive proper treatment could cause long-term problems, which your doctor can treat more effectively if your car accident is in your medical record.