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Nga Nguyen-Weaver


Nga Nguyen-Weaver has been a potter and business owner for over twenty years. Starting her love of handmade crafts since high school, she graduated from VCU Art School with a specialization in Ceramics. This led her towards starting her own business where she made and sold pottery and taught classes on wheel-throwing and hand-building to the public. As most artists find out, running a business is very different from making art but Nga had a good head for business as well. After years of selling her work at craft shows, art galleries, and at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Shop, she has learned to make work that people want to own. Transferring these skills to SLH Law was a natural process and working with the public is a natural skill. From years of teaching, she knows how to help people. She is often the first person you will speak to when you call, and she is the person you go to for help. Nga has been working with Suzi in various capacities since 1998; then she jumped in full-time in 2016 when the firm needed her. After that, she has been the initial contact person for new clients, and for the last year, she has been in charge of the Paragon office of the firm. One of the things she is most proud of, working at SLH Law, is being a part of this dynamic team of strong women. SLH Law is built on the strength of all its parts. Women with character and integrity are what SLH Law is about.